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Developing Good Sleep Habits
NEVER take a nap
Taking a nap during the day will interrupt your day-night cycle and not allow you to sleep well at night.
Go to sleep at the same time every night
You must go to bed and try to sleep at the same time every night. This is part of developing good habits to which your body will adjust.
Prepare for sleep
30 minutes before going to bed, prepare your environment by softening the lights and turning down the volume of any electronic device.
Always try to go back to sleep if you awaken during the night
Many patients awaken during the night for a variety of reasons (bathroom, children, etc) but after the incident, you MUST go back to bed and try to sleep. Do NOT watch television, read, listen to the radio or surf the internet!
Awaken at the same time every day
If you wake up a little early, STAY IN BED! If you get up and start doing your usual activties, that will change your habits.
Use sleeping aids sparingly
Use sleeping aids such as over-the-counter benedryl, or presciption medications sparinglingly. Use of them every day can lead to dependency and even more dangerous side effects. You should not need them if you get your body back into good sleeping habits.