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Simple Ideas on Dealing with Sadness

Sadness, depression, heartache, mourning - call it what you will - is a part of life, a bump in the road that can be dealt with.

Get out of the house every day
Staying inside your house - "hibernating" - may seem safe, but it will do you no good. Being in a 'cocoon' will not help you resolve the sadness, and might only make it worse. Constantly looking at the same four walls, the same memories, can deepen depression. So you must find a reason to get out of the house - for any reason - seven days a week. You can buy gas one day, visit a friend another, go grocery shopping three days a week, take you dog on a long walk. There is no reason for you NOT to be out of the house every day.
Have long-term plans
"Long-term plans" give us something to look forward to. These can be as simple as "I think I'll visit cousin Sally for the weekend" - "I think I'll like to go to the City in April" - "I think I'll take that trip to Washington, D.C. I've always want to take". Simple or complex, these plans give us hope, allow us to think outside of our limited daily worlds.
Talk - easy to say - more difficult to do. "Talking" can mean seeing someone professionally like a psychologist or psychiatrist, and sometimes that is necessary. But "talking" can also mean just interacting with relatives and friends. The conversations do not have to be "deep" and focused on your sadness, but can be very superficial and about daily lives. Talking keeps communication channels open and can allow a different way of dealing with sadness.
Time for Yourself
You deserve time to yourself - time to 'meditate'. Everyone should take at least 30 minutes every day, be in a quiet place, no cell phones, no TV, no radio, no interruptions. This is "your time" to do something that you love to do - work in the garden, work in the garage, do a crossword puzzle, put together old pictures. It is "your time" - You deserve it - It will help you both mentally and physically.
Sleep is one of the most important things that can help with sadness. A good night's sleep is not a cure-all but can make a big difference in how we feel physically and mentally. Good sleep habit are (1) No naps during the day, (2) Go to bed at the same time every night, (3) If you wake up at night, go right back to bed even if you don't sleep, (4) Get out of bed at the same time every morning. It will take a few weeks of "conditioning" but with these habits, you probably won't need any sleeping aids.